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How to Handle a Liquid Damaged Phone- Steps on Saving Your Cell Phone!

We’ve all been there, going about our normal business when BAM! you spill a drink on the dinner table where your cell phone just so happens to be. Or your toddler grabs your phone and decides it needs to go for a swim in the toilet (happened to me twice!) Whatever the situation is don’t panic, here are a few steps to increase your odds of saving your phone.

Step #1 – Turn your device off. Assuming it is still on, turn it off, no matter how much liquid your phone has come in contact with, better to be safe than sorry. Your want to reduce the risk of the motherboard shorting out due to the liquid that has entered the phone. In my 10+ years working on phones I’ve seen just a few drops of liquid do this so don’t take the chance no matter how good it seems to be working. **DO NOT PLUG IN A RECENTLY WET PHONE!**

Step #2 – Place your phone immediately in a sealed plastic bag such as a sandwich bag and use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck out most of the liquid. This will help reduce the amount of liquid inside the phone and reduce the amount of liquid being absorbed into the motherboard and circuits.

Step #3 – Place your phone in a clean, dry container or bag filled with rice and make sure your phone is completely submerged. The rice acts as a natural desiccant and will help remove some of the remaining liquid located in the device.

Step #4 – Bring your phone to one of our locations for a liquid damage cleaning. All the previous steps are important in helping dry out your phone but that is only half the solution. No matter if its dropped in clean tap water or a deep fryer (yes it happened, and yes it did survive!), mineral deposits will be left in your phone after it drys that can cause further damage and corrosion to your device. We will take your phone completely apart and clean out all the components to remove any deposits left and any corrosion that has already set in.

If you think fast and follow these steps you can minimize the damage done to your phone and hopefully get it back to life. Remember if you wet your phone, it doesn’t have to be a dead phone if you know what to do!

Come see us at iRepair Cell Phones, Etc in Pearland for all your liquid damaged devices!

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